How To Fix Moto G WiFi Problem

Moto G users have encountered issues with WiFi on their devices. Nowadays every device runs into WiFi problems. But Moto G seems to have problems that have never reported from other smartphones. Some people have reported big battery drain when changing between routers. Some other can’t connect to WiFi while other devices are working fine.

A lot of users have also reported connection dropping, even at a close proximity to the router. This is a big concern for Moto G owners. Internet has become an important thing in our lives. It can be used for many thing in our daily life. And so having a smartphone without internet connection is not something good.

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There are a lot of reasons that causes WiFi problems on Moto G. So go through the simple suggestions below and hope you will find a fix that works for you. These simple steps have worked for many Moto G users and they also should work with your device.


Turn of the Moto G and router at the same time, then turn them both back on again. Sometimes the connection is stuck and it will not work, so a restart could fix the problem. Now your Moto G can connect to the WiFi network. If it doesn’t go to Settings > WiFi and choose the router and then tap Forget Network. Wait for a few minutes and scan again, enter all your details, and the Moto G will connect to the router.

If the connection is dropping, go to Settings > WiFi > Advanced and there set the “Keep WiFi on during sleep” to always. Also be sure to leave unticked Avoid poor connection option. You also have to be sure that your router is up to date and not damaged with a good antenna.

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If the problem is battery drain, try this simple solution. Go to Settings > WiFi > Advanced and turn off Scanning always available.


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