How To Fix Hard Bricked Moto G (Dead Phone)

The Moto G was released with Android 4.4.3 Jelly Bean, but it can be updated to Android KitKat 4.4.4. The update comes with many features and a lot of improvements, but they also can contain bugs. After updating to 4.4.2, Moto G seems to have a lot of problems that were solved on 4.4.3. Now 4.4.4 is available for your Moto G and new problems have showed up.

Some Moto G users have reported that once the phone updated to Android 4.4.4 KitKat, the device doesn’t turn on. It looks like it’s dead. If the phone is recognized by PC when you connect to it, then follow the steps below to make your phone work again. This guide has been tested on the Moto G  XT1032 and Windows 7 computer. This procedure should work with all Moto G models. Before continuing with the procedure, download Motorola USB drivers and Motorola Fastboot.

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At first you have to install Riff BOX JTAG drivers + Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider on your PC. Download here. After downloading these files extract Riff BOX drivers in any folder. After extracting, find dseo13b.exe and open it. Carefully follow the instructions, the program will ask for a restart. While restarting press F8 many times and a new window will appear. Choose “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement”.

Then click on Windows 7 logo and  type “devmgmt.msc” without quotes. The Device Manager Window will open. Look for the “qhsub_bulk”. If it’s not showning, unplug the Moto G and plug it again. If it still don’t appear long press the power button and choose Update Driver Software.

You will have two options, to search automatically or to add them manually. Choose the manual way and put the path of your previously extracted and signed drivers. Now Moto G will be recognized as “Qualcomm HS-USB QLoader 9008” under Ports (COM & LPT). Download the Motorola qboot utility v2.4, extract it and run the blank-flash.bat file.

Moto G now will be able to enter in fastboot mode and you can flash stock firmware. It is suggested to install this firmware.

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If your computer doesn’t recognize your Moto G like “qhsusb_bulk” in Device Manager, then you have to use a script. Download it from here.

This method works only if your phone is currently running a 4.4.4 firmaware and a 41.13 bootloader. Different Android versions can brick your phone.



  1. i have that error flashing singleimage

    FAILED (blank-flash:sdl-transfer-image:sdl-hello:invalid HDLC frame)

  2. Please tell the solution for this error … done every thing but stuck with this error

    E:motoMBM-CI_4.3>.qboot.exe blank-flash

    opening device: .COM44
    OKAY [ 0.003s] greeting device for command mode
    OKAY [ 0.001s] identifying device
    …serial = 0x4C4B6E0
    …chip-id = 0x811
    …chip-rev = 0x0
    …sv-sbl = 0x0
    OKAY [ 0.006s] finding files
    …programmer = programmer.mbn
    …singleimage = singleimage.bin
    OKAY [ 0.004s] validating files
    OKAY [ 0.482s] switching to download mode
    OKAY [ 0.001s] greeting device for image downloading
    OKAY [ 0.002s] sending programmer
    OKAY [ 0.012s] flashing singleimage
    FAILED (blank-flash:sdl-transfer-image:sdl-hello:error sending packet)

  3. mine moto g xt1032 was hard bricked while i did downgrade and than upgrade via OTA. 5.0.2>4.4.2>4.4.4… and bammmm

  4. can u please post the video of the step upto rebooting the pc and pressing f8…my pc doesnt show any menu after pressing f8 many time while rebooting


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