How To Fix Galaxy S6 Notification Toggles Disappearing Issue

A rather strange problem is going on at the moment with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Users all around the world are reporting missing notification toggles from the notification drawer. When you swipe down from the status bar to reveal the notification menu, there is a list with quick toggles that you can use to enable and disable various settings from the phone.

You can enable and disable WiFi, Bluetooth, screen rotation, location, power saving, flashlight, Airplane mode and most importantly, mobile data. But looks like some of these toggles have started disappearing. First, a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S6 user reported the problem and we thought it was a problem with the new Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update and it was carrier specific.

Looks like it is a much more widespread problem as it has affected Galaxy S6 and S6 edge units all around the world, unlocked or locked to carriers. Apparently, when you go to the quick settings notification menu, some of the toggles such as Data and Bluetooth are missing.

1. If you are facing the same issue, there are a few possible fixes. First of all, go to Settings > Data Usage and enable Mobile Data. This will activate mobile data and the toggle will appear.

2. If not, take a look at the list of all possible toggles. There are more than 17 toggles available but you can enable only ten. Go to the notification drawer and tap the “Edit” button. See if the missing toggle is inside the disabled list. If it is, tap and hold the icon and move it to the top two lines.

3. If none of the solutions work, senior member NimeniAltu has created a simple fix which is supposed to bring back the data toggle. It is a simple APK file which makes the data toggle appear again in the notification drawer or Quick Settings menu. Download fixdatatoggle.apk and install it as a normal application. Reboot your phone and you should find the toggle located inside Quick Settings.


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