How To Fix Galaxy Note 4 Auto Restart Issue

Lately, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 users have reported random reboots and random restart problem. The Note 4 is Samsung’s current flagship phablet device and comes with a long list of excellent specifications and features. It is often considered as the best smartphone in the market.

But the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, as every other smartphone, be it an Android, Windows Phone or iPhone, sometimes suffers from problems that sometimes are annoying and make the phone unusable. The phablet is relatively new to the market.

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It was released only a few months ago and even though it had a lot of success selling millions of devices all around the world, users are very happy and not many problems have been reported during these months.

note 4 random auto restart

But looks like the Note 4 has started to suffer from the first problem which is random restarts and auto reboots. Users are reporting that their devices turn off for no reason, even though they are not using them.

Someone might say that the problem is a result of accidental pressing of the power button but many users have said that even if they put the phone on the table, it will still suffer from auto restarts.

Most of the devices that are currently experiencing this problem, auto restart only a few times a day but on some handsets, the problem is much worse as the random restart problem occurs every minute.

The good news is that like most of problems that happen on Android devices, Galaxy Note 4 auto restart is software related so a user can fix it very easily following a few simple solutions.

How to fix auto and random restart problem on Galaxy Note 4

Remove SD card: The Galaxy Note 4 has support for SD cards and you can expand the memory up to 128 GB. Sometimes, the card can be the reason why your Note 4 reboots for no reason. Applications installed in the SD card can conflict with the system and in order to prevent any damages, the phone reboots.

To fix the problem, uninstall all applications installed in the SD card and then format the card.

Safe boot: If the SD card is not the problem and you are still experiencing the problem, boot into safe mode. When you boot into safe mode, only system applications will run while user installed applications will be blocked. If you don’t experience the problem while in safe mode, then an application that you have installed is causing the problem.

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Factory reset: If you boot into safe mode and the problem is fixed, you have to make a factory reset. A factory reset will delete all applications on your phone and will make it as new. Then, install all the apps one by one to find which one is causing the problem.


  1. Never, the problem is the processor arrangement, a production flaw from Samsung and fix is simple, allow an experience engineer to work on it or if your technically inclined. First is to remove the motherboard and cut a hard paper to the side of the processor, glue the paper on the processor and gently place the board back to the phone house allowing a stiffer connection of the processor to the board. you phone should be fine after this fix.


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