How To Fix Galaxy Note 3 Baseband Unknown & No IMEI number (Corrupted EFS)

How to fix unknown baseband and no IMEI number problem on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Unknown baseband and null IMEI are common problems for Samsung Galaxy devices. This happens when the user flashes the wrong firmware or custom ROM and the IMEI (EFS) folder gets corrupted.

The IMEI folder is responsible for everything related to connectivity. It makes it possible to make phone calls and also to send text messages with the SIM card. If the IMEI gets corrupted, the phone won’t be able to make phone calls because the phone doesn’t recognize the SIM card.

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IMEI is one of the most important things of a smartphone. That’s why every time you flash a custom ROM, the developer strongly suggests you to make a backup of your IMEI folder because without that, the Galaxy Note 3 loses its main function which is making phone calls.

fix uknown baseband null imei galaxy note 3

Besides not being able to make phone calls, another way to check if your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has bad IMEI folder is by going to Settings > About Device and check “Baseband Version” and “IMEI Number”. If both of these options show Unknwon then the IMEI folder has been corrupted. If not, simply reboot your phone and you will be able to make phone calls.

Fixing Galaxy Note 3 unknown baseband and null IMEI is a difficult thing to but not impossible. Check the solutions below and learn how to fix the problem.

Flash Different Custom ROMs

Many custom ROMs have the ability to automatically backup the IMEI folder. If you are experiencing the problem, download and flash another custom ROM. The new ROM will automatically install and replace the saved IMEI folder with the bad one. Don’t forget to wipe data and factory reset before installing the new ROM.

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Flash Different Modems

Sometimes the IMEI folder isn’t the reason of the problem. Sometimes, the modem is the reason of unknown baseband. To fix it, download different Samsung Galaxy Note 3 modems and flash them one by one until the phone finally fixes the problem.



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