How To Find Your Lost Amazon Fire Phone (Remotely Control & Wipe Data)

In this article we are going to learn how to find your lost Amazon Fire phone, how to remotely control it and how to wipe all information inside your phone. Losing you phone is probably the worst thing that can happen, especially these days when everyone is obsessed and all rely on their smartphones.

Less and less people are using a computer and more are using smartphones. Many people store a lot of data there like important family pictures, email accounts, contacts and even credit cards. So losing your phone and in this case, losing your Amazon Fire Phone is a terrible thing to happen.

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Modern smartphones are equipped with advanced technologies and applications which make it easy to find them if they get lost or someone steals them. There are plenty of security applications on the market you can download which will make it possible to find your phone if it gets lost. The downside of these apps is that they have to downloaded and activated before the phone gets stolen.

find lost amazon fire phone

The Amazon Fire Phone has a secret feature up its sleeve. The Fire Phone has a feature called “Find Your Phone. This feature is enabled by default so if your phone gets stolen, it will very easy to find it.  Go to Settings > Location Services > Find Your Phone. There you have the option to enable or disable the Find Your Phone option.

If you have lost your phone, then go to Manage Your Kindle Amazon page, sign in and click on the My Devices tab. There are a lot of options inside the Devices tab but you should click the Find Your Phone option and open it.

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Click Locate Devices and within a few seconds Amazon will locate your lost Fire Phone. Once the phone has been found, you can do a few things with it. First of all, you can set a password so the thief won’t be able to access your phone. you can wipe all data or even activate the alarm. Activating the alarm will be a great idea when you are near the location of the phone and you need to know which person has it.