How to find the manufacturing date of Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a very popular phone and millions of units have already been sold. Buy as many of you know, not all these units have been manufactured or produced at the same time (duh). Some units are produced at a later time of the year.

Even though these devices are almost the same, Samsung sometimes improves the quality of displays or memory chips. So you want to know when your Galaxy S4 was produced, right? Fortunately, finding the manufacturing date is an easy process and can be done by everyone.


First of all, open the dialer and type this code:*#197328640#. This will bring you to the Service Mode page. There will be some options to choose from, but you need te select Version Info. After that, there will be two options: SW (Software) Version and HW (Hardware) Version. In this case we need HW Version. At the next page that shows up, select Read Cal Date. That is the option that will show you the manufacturing date of your Samsung Galaxy S4.

That’s it. When was your phone manufactured ? Leave a comment below.


  1. BTW,I need your help bro,My S4 is getting less score in Antutu,GeekBench,Quadrant.Previously It got 27200-28000 in Antutu and now getting 23741 and GeekBench also showing less score..Not because Samsung has released a stability update but from when I have done factory reset.Then I was already upgraded to 4.3 and got a stability update .But before factory reset everything was normal,Score gone down after factory reset….Do You Know Why ??

    • Never trust benchmark scores Souvik. They will always change as the score is depended from many factors. So, you can have a slow gaming or browsing performance while benchmark scores are high. But you can also have high gaming and browsing performance while benchmark scores are a bit lower. My advice: Don’t look at benchmark scores if you feel that your phone performs good and fast. You should be worried if the real use experience is lower instead of benchmark scores.

  2. Wow..Thanks for your fast reply..Ok then,you kicked my anxiety of !!But what if phone became slower [ in case ]. ??

    • In case the phone becomes slower there are some things you should watch for. First, see if any app is eating a lot of battery life or using all the processor’s power. That would definitely slow down the phone. If you don’t find any app doing that, a factory reset is a good idea because it will remove any possible problems. If even that doesn’t make the phone faster, then you should change the firmware as it may be a firmware bug.

  3. Not working on my S4 w/KitKat. I know the thread is stale but I got curious about my eBay phone that has a sticker inside that says: VTO 01/29/2014

    Thanks for your time

  4. hello I am trying to unlock my samsung galaxy 4 s from at&t. i already disconnected the phone line and i did not pay the early termination fee. my phone was manufactured july 16 2013. i read that it is illegal to unblock a cell phone manufactured after january 26 2013 without permission fromt the phone company that i had service with. please let me know if you know of anyone that can help . thanks


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