How To Enter And Access Bootloader Mode on HTC One M9

Bootloader is one of the most important software modes of the HTC One M9. It is the mode where users can go to recovery mode, download mode and reboot bootloader. There have been a few changes when it comes to names as HTC has renamed fastboot mode to download mode.

If you have ever tried installing a custom recovery or boot to fastboot mode, you know that you have to boot into bootloader mode first. Once you manage to boot into bootloader mode, you can put the phone to different states.

It also shows information about the phone at the top of the screen. It tells you if the software status is official or modified, if the phone is locked or not and if the device is S-ON or S-OFF. There are some instructions below which help you to select the right option.

But the main question is, how can I actually put my phone to¬†bootloader mode? The answer is very simple. To access bootloader mode on your HTC One M9, you have to press the power button and select “Shut Down”. This will turn the device off. Once you have made sure that the phone is off, press and hold at the same time the volume up and down keys as well as the power button. Keep holding them until your phone displays the bootloader menu.

Now that you have successfully accessed the bootloader menu on your HTC One M9, use the volume up and down keys to highlight any of the options displayed and press the power button to select the highlighted option.


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