How To Enable Lock Screen Gestures on Android (Launch Apps From The Lock Screen)

How to enable lock screen gestures on your phone to launch applications directly from the lock screen? Different Android devices have different lock screen designs. Pure stock Android has a simple user interface with the unlock button on the middle and Touchwiz has fancy lock screens with water, light and ink effects.

However, some of these lock screens, if not all are missing a very important feature which is gestures. Gestures are a useful feature where you make a gesture on the screen to open an application or to turn on and off various features. The new Android app called Pi Locker has brought lock screen gestures to all Android devices.


Pi Locker is a simple app which is clean, fast, smart and does one thing: Enables lock screen gestures. The app has a clean interface, is light weight, uses a low amount of RAM and works perfectly well on low end devices. There are 9 built in gestures which do different actions like unlocking the phone, enabling vibration mode, general mode, silent mode, opening browser, camera and more.

Download PI Locker for Android devices here and enable custom lock screen gestures.


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