How to Easily Unbrick & Unroot the Nexus 5

Have you accidentally bricked your Nexus 5? Bricking an Android device is not rare, especially if you like to try new things everyday – kernels, firmwares and mods. Sometimes, devices get fully bricked and in this case there’s nothing you can do about it.

If it is half-bricked however, you can save it. You can tell if it’s fully bricked by trying to power on the phone. If it doesn’t power on at all, it’s totally bricked. If it turns on and shows up the boot logo, it’s half-bricked and you can unbrick it.


How to unbrick and unroot your Nexus 5?

Important Note:

a) By unbricking your Nexus 5, you will loose root access and everything in your phone will get deleted. It is recommended to have a full backup.

b) Bootloader must be unlocked.


a) SDK drivers (link)

b) Stock Nexus 5 Firmware (link)


1) Download and install SDK drivers.

2) Download Nexus 5 Stock firmware and extract it.

3) Turn off your phone and put it to fastboot mode (Power + Volume Down)

4) Connect your Nexus 5 to your computer.

5) After you have extracted the firmware, there should be a file called flash-all.bat. Click it. This will start the installation process of the firmware.

6) After the process is completed, reboot your phone. That’s it.


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