How to Dual Boot Custom ROMs on HTC One

How to dual boot custom ROMs on HTC One? Multi Boot has been available for quite a while on devices like the Galaxy S4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 4. Now you can also dual boot custom ROMs on your HTC One as well.

MultiROM allows you to flash multiple ROMs at the same time. Then, each time you reboot your phone you can choose which firmware should be selected to boot up. It is an interesting feature and it may be useful if you are trying different ROMs and want to compare them to choose the best one.


To install MultiROM on your HTC One you should have 3 files:

a) Multi ROM zip file which you are going to install. (link)
b) Modified TWRP Recovery which is able to flash the Multi Boot zip file. (link)
c) Custom Compatible Kernel. ElementalX or TeamSeven kernels are preferred.

Once you have these 3 files, you can continue with the installation process. Follow the guide below:

1. Install custom TWRP recovery. You can use Fastboot or Flashify to install it.
2. Go to recovery and flash a custom compatible kernel like ElementalX.
3. Again, on Recovery Mode, find Multi Boot zip file and install it.

That’s all you have to do in order to install MutiROM. Now, to add different ROMs, go to Recovery > Advanced > MultiROM > Add ROM. There choose the firmware you want to add and select OK.


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