How To Download Photos From Instagram App

Now you can download every photo you want from the Instagram app. Instagram has become one of the most used applications lately. Everyone is using it to post pictures of their food, babies and things of everyday life.  It has more than 200 million users and the number is increasing everyday.

While most of the photos are pictures that you aren’t really interested about because accept it, every photo you see if related to food or something boring, there are a few which can be quite beautiful and interesting. There are many artists who post beautiful and artistic photos that you should download.

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By default, Instagram doesn’t let you to download photos from the application. There is no download button. Facebook didn’t have the download option either until an update last year. The weird thing is that Facebook added a download button while Instagram didn’t, even though it is acquired by Facebook.

download photos from instagram app

If you also have thought of downloading photos from the Instagram app, you can finally do so on Android but not because the app has been updated with download support. A developer from XDA has created a special modded Instagram app called Instagram+. The modded app is the same as stock Instagram but it has a few special features like the download button.

The way this app works is very simple. Since it is a modded application, it is exactly the same as stock app so you won’t get confused. To download photos and pictures from the Instagram app, go to the photo you want to download, click the three dots below the photo and click the Download button.

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The photo will download and you will find the downloaded file on your photo gallery. Download Instagram app with download feature here and thread here.


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