How To Display The WiFi Name on the Statusbar of your Android

How to display the WiFi name you are currently connected to on the statusbar of your Android device? WiFi networks have become very popular nowadays. They have become a part of our life. Wherever you are, wherever you go, be it inside your house, in a restaurant or travelling, you will find many available WiFi connections.

And if a WiFi connection is open without a code, you can easily connect to it and have free internet. However, some devices, if not all, have the ability to automatically connect to a WiFi service if the signal is strong enough. But, how do you know to which service you are connected?


You can easily find it out by going to Connection settings and see to which service your phone is currently connected. But there is a faster way to know the name of the WiFi service, by displaying it on the middle of the status bar. You can display the WiFi name or as it is called else, SSID next to the clock in the status bar so you always know which service you are connected to.

To display it on your Android phone, you need three things: Root access, Xposed Framework and the XSSID Indicator module.

Step 1. If you don’t have Xposed framework installed, go here to download it and learn how to install it.

Step 2. Once Xposed is installed, download the XSSID Indicator module here, install it and activate the module on Xposed Settings.

Step 3. Reboot your phone. Now the WiFI name or SSID will appear next to the clock icon in the status bar.


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