How To Disable Increasing Ring on Galaxy S5 And Other Smartphones

Many Android smartphones, including the new Samsung Galaxy S5, have this annoying increasing ring. Basically, when someone calls you, the ring volume will be low at the beginning and after a few second it will get louder and louder. It is very annoying and many people prefer to have the full volume from the beginning.

There is an app on the Play Store called “Disable Increasing Ring“. As the name says, this app disables the annoying increasing ring. This app works on every Android smartphone including the Galaxy S5. However, if you don’t want to disable the increasing volume with an app, you can do so by editing a few system files.


This method, even though it is a little bit more complicated, it is very good because it doesn’t spend battery like a dedicated app would do. The following guide works and has been tested only on a Samsung Galaxy S5. For other devices, use the app mentioned above.

If you want to disable increasing ring by editing the system files, check out the full guide and tutorial here.


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