disable home button galaxy devices

How to disable the home button on the Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, Galaxy Note 3 and Note 2 to prevent accidental clicks which lead to waking the phone and wasting battery life. The hardware home button is a characteristic of Samsung Galaxy devices.

Every Samsung device starting with the original Galaxy S and Galaxy Note and until the Galaxy S5 and Note 3, they all have a hardware clickable home button. While all other Android manufacturers are implementing on-screen soft keys and a navigation bar, Samsung still continues with the old tradition.

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That button is what differences Samsung devices from other phones like Sony, HTC and LG. While it is nice to feel the click of the home button, that key can become a very big problem and annoying for a lot of users. Since it is a hardware button and not an on-screen key, you can accidentally press it when the phone is in your pocket.

While for most of the users that is not a big problem, for some is. When the home button is being accidentally clicked for many times when it is in your pocket, it means that the screen will turn on and this will use a lot of battery power.

disable home button galaxy devices

If you are also annoyed by this problem where the home button is accidentally clicked and as a result they battery goes down very fast, this is the perfect solution.

How to disable the home button from waking the phone on Galaxy S5, S4, Note 3, Note 2 and other Samsung devices.

What you need:

1. Rooted Samsung Galaxy device

1. Root Explorer or any other file explorer with root capabilities


1. Open the file explorer.
2.  Go to System > User > Key Layouts > gpio-keys.kl.
3.  Tap and hold the GPIO file and open in text editor.
4. Find home and delete it. Also, change wake to wake_dropped.

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Once you have made the changes mentioned above, the hoe button will not wake up your phone anymore so you don’t have to worry for accidental clicks.

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