How To Disable & Exit Galaxy S5 Demo Live Unit Retail Mode

How to fix, disable and exit demo live unit retail mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Retail mode is a software for Android smartphones which is designed to be activated on demo units which are for sale on shops. For example, when you go to a store and see a Samsung Galaxy S5, you will notice that the phone is in Demo Live Unit mode.

This software allows the phone to automatically show off all the features it has. This way the seller or the worker doesn’t have to show all the features over and over again to every customer. The customer can simply get a Samsung Galaxy S5 in retail mode and watch the video that shows its best features.

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This software or mode is great for stores but not for a normal user. When the phone has not been used for a few minutes, it will automatically activate retail mode and will show the video over and over again. This is a bad thing because the screen stays always on which causes a big battery drain.

Also, when the phone is in retail mode or demo live unit, only a few specific things and options are available. You can’t access all the features of the phone if the mode is on. Normally, shops don’t give these devices to customers because they can develop different issues like screen burn in which is caused when the same image or video is displayed for a long period of time.

However, some users have had the bad luck of getting a demo unit of the Samsung Galaxy S5. This happens especially when the phone is bought from non authorized Samsung shops. The bad thing of getting a retail unit Galaxy S5 is that you can’t easily disable it. The Live Demo sign will be always there.

How to delete, disable and exit Demo Live Unit Retail Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5

1. The first thing to do is to disable the retail mode of the firmware.

2. Go to the app drawer and open an app called Samsung Retail.

3. Go to Configuration Settings and enter the password 5444 to unlock it.

4. Then uncheck “Disable the factory reset” and enter the following password M729Q16K8546.

5. Turn your Samsung Galaxy S5 off and boot into Recovery.

6. Go to Wipe data & factory reset and press OK.

7. The phone will reset and all the applications will get removed.

8. Flash a stock firmware with ODIN (tutorial).

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Once you have flashed the stock firmware, your Samsung Galaxy S5 will return to stock and all retail applications will be removed.


  1. hi ronaldo hope u r fine i have a problem i have korean s4 i want to delete its demo video how can i dlete it ??????????????

  2. Ronaldo, I followef you advise here above the 5444 code works for the first pw window, then when I try to deselect “disable factory reset” it ask for admin pw? I then try both 5444 no good, then try the M729Q16K8546 but states wrong pw? Im in Australia any suggestions? Its an s5 stuck in tetail mode?
    Plz email me suggestions to [email protected] thx.

  3. Hi, I have the S5 SM-G900V and instead of having the “Configuration Settings”, it instead has “Configuration Profiles” and neither of the codes work. What do you think I should do?

  4. hey do you know how to reset a note 4 live demo unit???
    i tried the 5444 and m… code but it doesnt work?

  5. Basically to unlock this you need to install a program called clockworkmodrecovery. You will need to download Odin v 1.85 along with Samsung Mobile drivers and a file called philz_touch_6.26.6-klte.tar.md5. This will install a custom bootloader so you can factory reset it without complications as the default bootloader will not allow you to do so once in retail mode. Don’t use Odin 3.09 as it doesn’t have a PDA mode, which is what you need to flash this successfully. So to get into developer mode you need to press home/power on/volume down then press continue. Hook up the phone via USB( USB 2.0 to be safe) and then run Odin and make sure Re-Partition is NOT checked.

    I did this method on a Cricket branded S5 to take it out of retail mode and it worked great. I put my sim card in and was able to get LTE so its seems this phone does have the LTE bands built in.

  6. hi ronaldo i have samsung galaxy s5 sm-f900x but i tried the code is ok but i cant remove the app after wipe all

  7. after disabling the retail mode in SM-G900X .after rebooting
    it again re enable the retail and I cant use sim in it’

  8. Guys I need help. I have a Verizon model. How do I do this. I just have the app. Samsung retail mode. And i guess you can’t root these phones?

  9. Ronaldo, do you you know how to fix it with a Samsung S6 ? And what kind of firmware do i need tor remove the live demo unit .. Thankyou

  10. can i use my note3 live demo unit as original note3 for make and receive call..but it show its imei number as 01 and also has retail mode in it..

  11. hi Ronaldo
    im have s5 live demo
    live demo is being turn off
    can i change firm ?
    will sim card after change of firmware ??

  12. Does the Samsung G900x Live Demo Unit have all the components of a normal S5? Was thinking to buy a normal S5 board and switching it but I dont know if it has an antenna etc. Any1 ever opened one ?

  13. Hold down both volume up and vole down the power off switch and the back button on the bottom of your phone and holds all the buttons at the same time for about 10 seconds and it will give you the option to factory reset ,., good luck

  14. None of the codes are working for me. I bought the phone on Amazon and its a “floor demo” unfortunately. I tried the codes and they dont work. Any advice?

  15. they codes did not work for me! so i deleted the app called retail mode with root explorer after that i flash the stock firmare with every thing is ok. i have a galaxy s5 sm-g900a

  16. here are the passwords i use but nothing works on the sm-g900v.
    1. galaxy
    2. ruletheair
    3. rollback
    4. rethink
    5. demomode exit
    6. instoredemo

    i even loaded stock rom into the phone using odin. Are there anymore passwords?

  17. Hey this is a very good argument , my question is how i can disable the demo unit live in a Note 3 ?
    I really want to know please help mee!!!

  18. Those passcodes do not work. Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the other passwords? When you enter the app, try these passwords:

    1. rollback
    2. ruletheair
    3. galaxy

    That 5444 crap doesn’t ever work. Or the one that starts with an M.
    So far, the above passwords have worked for these models that I’ve come across in my care:

    1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A Model SM-T550
    2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Model SM-T230NU
    3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (Bigger tab) Model SM-T530 NU
    4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S Model SM-T800

    Basically try those codes in general.

    Also people all over the web have FAILED to mention that when you get through with one of these passwords, you have to disable where it says “Disable Turn Off” or something like that. It will be enabled, but you will need to disable it.

    Next, enable “Factory settings Won’t Restore”. This way you can reset the blasted thing.

    After all of this is done, hold down the samsung retail app, and drag it to the top where it says “App Info” and drop it there. When it brings it up, clear all data and cache in it. Then tap “Uninstall” and it will freeze up like it’s crashing. That’s normal.

    Afterwards, go to your settings < General < Backup and reset < Reset.

    When it reboots, you should be good to go.


    TRG, Grant

    • the 5444 and M729Q16K8546 do work… I’ve used them on the following:
      Tab A, Tab S2, S7, S7 edge, S6 and S6 Edge + a few others

      • For older models, yes. There are ones that have certain 2 step Authentications. But main retail demo passwords don’t require the 2 step Authentication.

        • Also new models… as I said, S7, S7 Edge and I even tested it on a Note 7 today.
          You go into the retail mode app and first you put in 5444 then when you turn off disable factory you put in M729Q16K8546.
          I’m not sure why yours would be different. All the devices I’ve tested it on have come directly from Samsung


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