How To Debrand Galaxy Note 4 and Remove Carrier Logos

It was a huge surprise for all smartphone lovers to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 feature a brand new aluminum frame instead of the usual plastic one. Aluminum is much better than plastic. It is more durable, doesn’t scratch easily and the most important thing is that it feels premium and high quality on the hand.

The Note 4 has all the high-end specifications that you could expect from a Samsung flagship phone. It has latest version of Snapdragon chipset, high-resolution camera, bright Super AMOLED display and big battery.

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For the reasons mentioned above, the Note 4 was bought by millions of people all around the world. It can be bought as a unlcoked device which doesn’t contain any carrier logo or bloatware. It can also be bought as a locked device from a carrier on a contract.

debrand galaxy note 4 carrier logo

If you buy it from a carrier, it will cost you less money. But there are a few things that you should consider. When you buy it from a carrier, the phone is full of bloatware and carrier logos. The company puts the logo everywhere and even changes the boot animation to a carrier branded one.

Most of the times, you are stuck with bloatware apps and branded logos. However, thanks to root, you can actually remove all apps, logos and completely debrand your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

How to unbrand Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and remove boot animation logo

Install stock firmware using ODIN. By default, the firmware on the Note 4 is branded. To remove the carrier boot animation logo, you can download and flash a stock unbranded firmware using ODIN.

Flash a custom ROM. If you have rooted your phone and installed a custom Recovery, you can install a custom ROM. Developers of these ROMs make sure to remove every branding on the firmware to make it as fast as possible.

Disable or uninstall bloatware apps. If you don’t mind the logo, then you can simply uninstall carrier apps. They use precious storage space and even slow down the phone.

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All the methods above work on all Galaxy Note 4 variants like SM-N910F, SM-N910K, SM-N910C and SM-N910H


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