How to Create Passwords for Android Apps and Fake Force Close Them

How to put a password to your apps to prevent unauthorized access? At least one time in your life you have experienced that annoying feeling that you get when you give your phone to a friend or he gets it without asking, opens all apps and starts looking to your private information.

That it the most annoying thing in the world, especially for those who have OCD and don’t allow anybody to borrow their phone. Your private life is private and no one shouldn’t know it if you don’t want to.

Luckily, you can put a password to your apps so even when someone takes your phone without asking, he can’t access the apps because they won’t open without the password you have created.


Not only you can put a password but you can also modify it and if you want, even force close the app. Lockdown app is one good example as it offers plenty of features to secure your phone.

You have three options of locking: normal pin, pattern and calculator. In calculator mode you type the pin in a calculator-disguised door. If you think that this isn’t safe enough, you can make the pin to change based on the time. For example, if the clock is 16:32, the password will be 1632 and no one will be able to find the catch.

If you don’t want to show the app in the app drawer, you can hide it and then you will be able to access it by calling a number from the dialer.

If you are still worried that others may find the password, you can make the apps to fake force close. So each time you want to open an app you will get a nice force close warning.

All in all, this app is very good and does its job perfectly well. Download Lockdown Pro app here.


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