Android allows you to easily connect your Playstation 3 controller with your Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Once you have connected it, you can enjoy playing different games on the huge screen of the Note 3 and also you don’t have to use touch controls.

As I said earlier, Android lets you to use third-party hardware with your device. So you can connect your phone with an USB, mouse, keyboard and in this case, a PS3 controller.


How to connect PS3 controller with Galaxy Note 3?
To connect your controller with your Note 3, you must have an OTG cable. Once you finally get one, connect it to your phone and also plug it to your controller.

After you’ve done this process, wait a couple of seconds till your phone recognizes the device. After your phone has fully recognized it, you can play almost every game on the market. Enjoy!

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  • Does this work with X Box 360 controllers?

    • Yes, it also works with Xbox 360 controller.

      • Thanks man. Ps your website rocks. Gonna try and spread the word bout it cauz its actually better than most tech websites.

        • Thank you arkaharan. I do my best to post quality contents. 🙂