How to Connect Galaxy Gear with Any Non-Samsung Devices

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is an interesting wearable device. It is a smart watch made by Samsung with a decent processor and a decent screen quality. You can pair it with your Samsung device and receive any messages or calls on your watch and even answer them straight from it.

It also has a decent camera on the side which is useful when you want to take quick photos and don’t have time to pick your phone out of the pocket.

One of the best useful features the Samsung Galaxy Gear has is that it alerts you when you go somewhere and you have forgotten your phone.


The main problem with the Gear is that it only supports only some of the latest Samsung devices such as the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4.

So you can’t connect it with other phones you might have. Be it a Nexus 5, Xperia Z1 or even the Galaxy S3.

However, the good news is that you can actually connect your watch with any kind of devices. You just have to install a couple of Gear manager apps which will make the connection possible.

Download GalaxyManager file here.

You simply download the apk and install it. Then rename the file from apk to .zip and extract it. Open the folder, go to Assets, PreInstalledAPK and there you will find a few APKs. You have to install each if these apps manually.

Once you have installed all the apps manually reboot your phone. S Voice and Weather might not work as they are Touchwiz-based apps and this works best on KitKat.


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