How to Check your Nexus 5 Manufacturing Date

How to check your Nexus 5 manufacturing date? Sometimes, smartphone companies update their current models with minor enhancements like better quality screen, longer lasting battery life and even improved build quality.

Normally, manufacturers make these changes after an amount of time and do not announce them to the public unless the users themself notice these changes. For example, Google and LG have already made some changes to the Nexus 5. The ones users noticed are larger speaker holes for better audio quality as well as tighter power & volume buttons as previously they were a bit loose.


The problem is, how do you know when your Nexus 5 was manufactured and whether it has the improvements mentioned above?

To find the manufacturing date on the Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 you simply open the dialer, type a specific code and then you are able to find when the phone was produced. On the Nexus 5 however, to find the date you have to read the S/N code. This code is printed on the white sticker of the box which also includes the IMEI number. Once you find the S/N code, read the first 4 letters. They tell you the manufacturing date of your Nexus 5.

The first letter tells you the year and the other two letters tell you the month of production. For example, if those 4 letters read 310k, that means the phone is manufactured on October 2013. If the code is 311k, the phone was created on November 2013 and so on.

When was your Nexus 5 manufactured? Does it have the mentioned changes? Let us know below.


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