How To Check How Much Mobile Data Is Used on iOS 8

One neat feature that iOS 8 has is the ability to see how much data your iPhone or iPad has used. 4G LTE is something that many people love. It is the fastest connection possible and having it in your phone feels just great.

But most of carriers don’t offer more than 1 GB of 4G data. If you are in an unlimited plan, then you don’t have to worry about anything because you can use as much data as you want.

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But if you have a limited offer, then you have to be very careful because 4G can easily use that 1 GB. Simply watching a few movies or downloading something will quickly use the 1 GB of data.

check data usage amount ios 8

And if you continue using 4G even after the limit, then be prepared to pay a huge bill. Until iOS 8, checking the amount of data used by the phone wasn’t available.

But on iOS 8 devices, you can easily see how much of mobile data has been used in total and individual apps.

1. Open Settings app and go to Cellular.

2. Scroll down until you find Cellular Data Usage tab.

There you can see how much data every single app has used and the total amount.

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Prevent apps from using mobile data

One thing to do to not get a high bill is to prevent apps from connecting to the internet. Simply tap the green box on the right side and you are done.


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