How To Beat Swing Copters & Get Better High Score

How to beat Swing Copters and actually get a lot higher and good high score. Swing Copters is the successor of Flappy Bird. Flappy Bird was the most difficult and hardest game you could ever play on your Android and iOS device. The game got very popular reaching millions of downloads and users within one day. And popularity of the game increased only because how hard and difficult to get a good high score was.

The developer actually removed the game because it became way too popular and he couldn’t handle the stress. But now, after half a year, the developer is back with a brand new game called Swing Copters which is the successor of Flappy Bird.

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Swing Copters has the same concept as Flappy Bird. You control a character, this time not a bird and you have to guide him through obstacles and swinging hammers. This time, the character moves vertically and not horizontally like the bird does.

beat swing copters good high score

If you thought that Flappy Bird was hard, you were so wrong. Swing Copters is a lot harder and more difficult than Flappy Bird. On Flappy Bird you were able to get a high score of 10 on the first try and then after a few days you could even get a high score of 200 points.

But Swing Copters is different. I have played the game for more than 1 hour now and I was able to get a high score of 2. Yes, that is right. A high score of 2. And you thought Flappy Bird was difficult. The trick to get a good score at Flappy Bird was to focus, play on a big screen device and create a rhythm when tapping the screen.

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To beat Swing Copters and to get a good high score, you have to follow a specific region. Even though the ports are big, in reality they are a lot smaller because the swinging hammers take a lot of space. So you don’t simply have to be inside the empty part of the portals. You also have to avoid the area where the hammers go. Also, you need to tap very fast so the character won’t go from left to right and then crash to the obstacles.


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