Here’s Why The Samsung Galaxy S5 Has The Best Camera for a Smartphone

Based on the tests performed by the folks over at DxOMark, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has the best camera for a smartphones up to date. Samsung’s flagship device for this year has a 16 MP camera which is capable of recording 4K UHD (Ultra HD) and slow motion videos.

Here are the test results which show why the Galaxy S5 has the best camera, even better than the giant 20.7 MP sensor of the Sony Xperia Z2. First of all, the S5 has fast and accurate autofocus, reliable auto-exposure in low lighting situations and noise levels are well-controlled in low-light.


On the video test the Galaxy S5 gets a score of 79 which is noticeably better than the score of the Sony Xperia Z2. For the photo test, the phone received good notes. Here are a few pros regarding the photo department:

  • Good auto-exposure.
  • Good White Balance.
  • Low noise level in low light conditions.
  • No color fringing.
  • Good image quality with flash.

For the video test, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is considered as the smart phone with the best mobile video quality tested up to date. Here are a few pros regarding the video department:

  • Well-balanced device, without major flaws.
  • Good autofocus.
  • Good rendition of texture.

As you can see, the Galaxy S5 has indeed the best camera up to date for a mobile device. In the future, mobile devices might take over dedicated cameras and DSLRs.