Google Now Launcher Gets Landscape Support Thanks To Google App APK

It was about time for the stock Google Now launcher to receive an update which brings landscape (auto-rotate) mode support. Google is known for having many things that other OS’s do not have, but launcher landscape mode is not of them.

Support for landscape mode has been a thing on iOS for years and it has hit Android just now. Before Google App you could use the Google Now launcher only on portrait mode. Even if auto-rotation was enabled, the launcher wouldn’t go into landscape mode. This was particularly annoying, especially when browsing an app on landscape mode and then going to the home screen and having to rotate your phone 90 degrees.

The new Google App update changes this. Google Now Launcher supports landscape mode and you can use it every time auto-rotation is enabled on your phone. There are a few changes on the new version. When the launcher is in landscape mode, the Google Search bar turns into a small circle on the right side of the screen, alongside a small microphone for voice commands.

There is a bigger space between app icons on the home screen and on the app drawer each row has five app icons instead of four. To receive this option, you need to go to the Play Store and download the latest version of Google App. If version is not available, then you need to download the signed APK file.

Download Google Now Launcher APK

If you’ve installed the latest version yet landscape mode is not available, then open Google App and go to Settings. Under “Home Screen” you need to enable “Allow Rotation” option. Now you can use it on other modes besides portrait.


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