Download Google Camera Go APK (Android 11) with Night Mode and HDR+

Google Camera Go has been updated to a new version, and it comes with Night Mode and HDR capabilties. This is good news for everyone who has a low-end smartphone because they are getting new features quite often. These features are making the overall experience of the phone much better.

We have seen some new changes and updates with the release of Android 11 Go. The stripped-down OS runs much lighter than the full-fledged Android 11. As a result, Android 11 Go can power entry-level phones that have less than 2GB of RAM. It comes with a number of optimized apps, such as Google Go, YouTube Go, Maps Go, Gmail Go, Files Go and more. All of these apps are optimized to work on entry-level devices.

What is new on Camera Go (Android 11)

One of the highlights of the new version is the updated Camera Go. The new version (Camera Go V1.8) introduces two highly requested features: Night Mode and HDR. Night Mode is the same as Night Sight, a camera mode that was introduced on the Pixel series. Night Mode on Camera Go makes it possible to take high-quality photos even when there is low light. This is an incredible feat because affordable phones do not have good camera sensors.

camera go apk night mode

Another neat feature that will make its way into Camera Go is HDR. This will drastically increase the photo quality of low-end phones, even though they have subpar camera sensors.

Download Camera Go APK (Android 11)

You can download the official Camera Go APK from the download link below. The APK file is signed, which means it is safe to install on any phone. Furthermore, the camera app supports both Snapdragon and Exynos phones. This is certainly good news for many Samsung Galaxy users with Exynos phones. More often than not, there are few to none working GCAM APK files for these phones.

To install the app, simply download the APK file and install it as you would do with any other app. If the phone refuses to install the app, make sure to enable Uknown Sources beforehand.


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