Goldgenie releases an iPhone 5S made out of Swarovski Crystals

Do you think the original iPhone 5S is enough expensive already with high off-contract prices? Think again. Goldgenie has just announced an iPhone 5S made out of 24-Carat gold and Swarovski crystals. Goldgenie has named it the iPhone 5S Supernova.

This is a really good idea for everyone who wants an iPhone 5S made out of “real” gold & crystals instead of an iPhone 5S with just a gold color. Apart from the 24-Carat gold, the Swarovski Crystals give the device a super luxury feel to it and everyone who is going to hold a device like this will definitely enjoy it.


The iPhone 5S Supernova doesn’t come in the normal Apple box. Instead, it comes in a luxury Cherry Oak Finished Box and you will also get an extra accessory like a dock connector.

If anyone of you decides to buy it, you will have to empty your pockets. The 16GB variant costs £3197 ($5207), the 32GB variant costs £3300 ($5360) and the 64GB variant costs £3400 ($5520).

So there’s a £100 increase for every 16GB of increased storage. If you still want to buy one, you can do so here.


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