[GAPPS] Download LineageOS 14.1 Google Apps Nougat 7.1

LineageOS has quickly become one of the most popular custom ROM providers for Android devices. Ever since CyanogenMod announced its retirement, developers have switched over to LineageOS to create Nougat based ROMs for a plethora of Android phones.

Just like CyanogenMod, LineageOS provides custom ROMs based on stock Android firmware. However, delivering a stock Android experience is only half of the story. All LineageOS ROMs are equiped with additional settings and options which give you ability to further customize your phone.

Installing LineageOS on an Android phone is easy. The installation process is the same as with every other ROM. You download the right ROM file for your phone and flash it using a custom recovery. Then you wait for the phone to boot up and that is it. Your phone is now running Lineage0S 14.1.

However, when the phone boots up for the first time, you will notice that many applications that you use everyday are missing. For example, Google Play Store, Google Maps, Google Framework Services and much more are not installed. If you want them, you will need to install Google Gapps for Lineage 14.1 based on Android Nougat.

How to download and install Gapps on LineageOS 14.1 ROMs

Gapps, also known as Google Apps, are a collection of Google apps and framework services which many fans use on a daily basis. And if you want those apps, you will need to install Gapps the same way you install a custom ROM.

Download LineageOS 14.1 Gapps

How To Install LineageOS 14.1 and Gapps

  1. Download LineageOS 14.1 ROM for you Android phone (Download)
  2. Transfer the ROM file from your PC to your phone and turn it off.
  3. Go to recovery mode, wipe data and cache.
  4. Go to “Install zip” and select the LineageOS ROM file.
  5. Flash the ROM.

If you have already installed the ROM, you can now flash Gapps.

  1. Download Gapps from the links above and move the downloaded file to your phone.
  2. Turn off your phone off and boot into recovery mode.
  3. Go to “Install zip” and choose the Gapps file.
  4. Flash the file.

Reboot your phone and you will see the newly installed applications such as Google Play Store, Google Maps and others depending on which package you installed. That is it. Now you have a completed LineageOS ROM with Gapps installed.

If you experienced any issues during the installation process or if any of the download links are broken, let us know below!



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