#Galaxy11 Match Has Begun And The Earth Is Loosing Badly (Summary Of The Match)

Finally, the match which decides the fate of the world has begun and earth is loosing badly. The Galaxy11 team flew to the alien spaceship to battle the foreigners who want to invade the earth. They get ready and activate their Galaxy S5s devices by putting them on their arm and their Galaxy Fits on their wrist.

When they go the field, the commentator is amazed and at the same frightened how big the aliens are. He hopes they won’t be fast and quick becuse otherwise, earth has no chance. The game begins. Humans dribble the first aliens with success but then a tackle make them¬†lose the ball.


The aliens, showing amazing skills by doing unbelievable spins and jumps score their first goal. After a few minutes, Ronaldo manages to get a free kick. With his shooting skills, he takes the ball to the corner of the goal but unbelievably, the alien goalkeeper makes an amazing save. Then, the second goal is scored by the invaders.

Messi, furious, takes the ball and dribbles all the players by itself. He faces the goalkeeper, shoots and scores an amazing goal. Then, there is another opportunity for Messi to score another goal but Ronaldo wrecks it and hits the ball with his head. Ronaldo and Messi are angry with each other.

This gives the aliens the opportunity to score the third goal, and they do so. The first part of the match is over and humans are loosing. Will Samsung smart phones help them in the battle against aliens. We will find that in the second half. Watch the video here.