Galaxy S6 Clear View Case Is Scratching Device’s Display

When it comes to Samsung Galaxy S6 cases, we have always recommended the Clear View Cover case but looks like this is about to change after hearing the latest reports from Galaxy S6 owners who are suffering from scratched devices. The Clear View cover case is part of the flip cover family, protecting the back and the front of the device at the same time. While it is made of plastic, the Galaxy S6 Clear View case offers great protection and the front cover adds extra functions.

Unlike traditional flip covers cases, the Clear View one has a transparent front cover, which allows for easier access to phone calls and general information about time and notifications. If you are thinking about buying one for your Samsung Galaxy S6 you might wait and read this article before going any further.

Users who have been using the official Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge Clear View case have been left surprised after finding out the display on their devices was full of visible scratches. According to reports, dirt and dust can get stuck between the screen and the front part of the case and the slightest movement of the case can cause noticeable scratches to the display.

It isn’t very satisfying seeing the screen and even the home button of your Galaxy S6 or S6 edge covered in scratches from the newly bought $60 case. To prevent your phone from getting scratched, you have to continuously wipe the case, though this would be very annoying. The best fix is applying a screen protector and never worry about it anymore.



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