Galaxy Note 3 Is Better Than Canon 5D Mark III

Can you believe that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is better than the famous DSLR, Canon 5D Mark III? Well, kind of. The Note 3 has an amazing 16MP camera sensor which can record 4K videos with a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels. As you can see, the Note 3 has a beast of a camera considering how small the lens actually is and how thin the phone is.

But how does it compare to a full frame DSLR beast such as the Canon 5D Mark III? Canon 5D is considered as one of the best professional DSLRs for video recordings. So comparing these two totally different things: a smart phone with a full frame camera, you obviously might think that the 5D is automatically a winner.


Just compare the lenses of both devices. The 5D has huge and removable lenses whereas the Note 3 has a very small and tiny sensor on its back. However, the Note 3 has something that the DSLR doesn’t have: 4K video recording capabilities.

With that being said, a person has taken both of these devices to a video recording comparison. On the 5D Mark III, the test parameters are: Resolution is FullHD, no filters are used, 5600k and the lens is Sigma 24-70MM. On the Galaxy Note 3, the resolution is 4K UltraHD but the video is downscale to FullHD and all settings are set on manual.

As you can see from the video above you immediately notice a big difference between the two. The Galaxy Note 3 videos are a lot sharper and have a lot more detail. Overall, Note 3 videos just look better and nicer. Actually, even on RAW, 5D’s videos weren’t as sharp as the phablet’s ones.

Of course, the video is 4K downscaled to FullHD but considering the difference between the devices, the Note 3 is a real good video capturing device.


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