Funny S Voice Jokes & Responses

S Voice is an intelligent personal assistant created by Samsung in order to help you to open apps, answer questions, setting alarms, making appointments etc.

But S Voice can also be funny and can say some pretty good jokes and funny responses. Here are some funny responses and jokes from S Voice.


If you ask S Voice how do you look today, you’ll get a funny response: Take a look in the mirror. Well, it is a pretty clever app.


S Voice also tells you the loudest state in USA which is Illinois. Obviously, even the name says it, Illi-Noise.


Don’t forget to ask a ghost if you ever meet one: How do you boo? S Voice thinks it’s funny.


What did 0 say to 8? Nice belt! That’s actually funny because the number 8 looks like a 0 with a belt.


If you ask: Is this the Crusty Crab? You’ll get a weird response: No! This is Patrick. I’m not a Crusty Crab.


Hmm, another joke with SpongeBob. Looks like S Voice really likes this show (who doesn’t ?). If you actually ask who lives under the sea, the answer is obvious: SpongeBob SquarePants.


And the last one. What is the sound of one hand clapping? Well it’s silence because a hand clapping doesn’t make any sound. And if you ask do you know Siri? The answer is short: No, do tell.

These were some funny responses from S Voice. Do you have any other jokes? Share them below.


  1. I just asked her: tell Jenny (my wife) I love her.
    She replied with: there are multiple Jenny’s in your contactlist. Which Jenny do you mean?


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