Funny Galaxy S5 ADs About Selfies, Ultra Power Saving Mode and Water-Resistant Capabilites

Samsung has just released three new funny ads for the Galaxy S5 showing some its main selling points. The videos are about three features: Privacy Mode, Ultra Power Saving Mode and Water Resistance capabilities. The first video, is about something that a lot of smart phone users experience everyday.

Have you ever given your phone to a friend to show him a picture and then he starts seeing all your other photos and then you are annoyed or embarrassed because your gallery is full of selfies? That’s the moment that you ill need Privacy Mode. Hide all your embarrassing photos and no one will be able to see them if you give your phone to somebody.

The second one is about a guy who is angry because he accidentally drop his smart phone on the toilet and obviously, the phone doesn’t work anymore. The funny part is the response from his friend. His friend said that he goes to the bathroom with his phone all the time and it is still working. This is why water-resistant capabilities of the Galaxy S5 are useful. You can bring your phone to the bathroom without worrying it will stop working after a bath.

The third one is again, about a guy, who has just gotten fired from his boss. He was playing a golf game and suddenly, his boss calls him and started shouting at him. The battery was very low, only 4% and after half  a minute, the phone turns off. The boss thought his worker hang up the phone and so, he fired it. The worker now says that if he would have a Galaxy S5 with Ultra Power Saving mode on, this wouldn’t happen.


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