Full Samsung Galaxy S5 Disassembly – Very Easy to Repair

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 got a full tear down and apparently, it is very easy to repair and change components. Samsung is known to produce smartphones which are very easy to take apart and repair, and the latest variant from the Galaxy S line makes not exception. As on all Galaxy devices, removing the battery is very easy. You only have take off the back cover and the battery is inside there. It is not attached with any wires to the motherboard so you simply have to pull it out and insert it in again.

Accessing the motherboard  is very easy too. There are a few screws on the back that can be unscrewed with a simple screwdriver. There are two boards – one which contains some of the important parts such as the camera, internal memory, RAM and the most important of all, the Snapdragon 801 processor. The second board has the connectivity parts such as Bluetooth and WiFi.


A tricky part of this tear down process was removing the Super AMOLED FullHD display. Since the Galaxy S5 is water-resistant and dust proof, Samsung has made the connection between different components very strong. The display is glued very hard to the base. It took about an hour to completely remove the screen. To make the glue weaker, it needs to be heated up to 150 degrees celsius. This away the screen can be removed a lot easier without breaking it.

All in all, taking apart the Galaxy S5 is easy. The hardest part was the screen which with a little patience, it can be replaced with a problem. The GS5 is a lot easier to repair, unlike the HTC One M8 which is impossible to repair without breaking the case. See the full tear down of the Samsung Galaxy S5 here.



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