Full List Of LG G3 Bloatware That Can Be Removed

Here is a full list of all bloatware applications that the LG G3 has. Android is without any doubt the best mobile operating system. It is the most used OS with hundreds of millions Android devices being used everyday. It is also the most flexible OS currently available.

Being open source, developers can take the OS and optimize it for their devices. But there are many problems with the fact that it is open source. One of the biggest problems is bloatware. Bloatware are applications that come pre-installed on phones and cannot be uninstalled like downloaded apps.

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To uninstall and remove bloatware you need to be rooted and install special programs and then you can delete every app you wan including system apps. And this is the part where you have to be careful. You can accidentally remove important system applications that are vital for the operating system.

bloatware apps list lg g3

To not make that mistake, here is a list of all bloatware and applications you can safely remove.

  • LG Voice Mate applications
  • McAffe Security suite
  • Google extra apps (News, Books, Video, Music)
  • QTheater
  • Google Drive
  • Easy Home
  • Favorite Contacts Widget
  • LG Health
  • LG Intelligent Agent
  • LG PC Suite
  • Smart Notice
  • Smart Share
  • Smart Tips
  • Smart Cleaning
  • Carrier Apps
  • Voice Mate
  • Voice Mate Engine

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Now that you know what kind of apps you can remove, go ahead and read the tutorial to learn how to remove bloatware apps on the LG G3.