Tips to Make More Free Drive Space on a Macbook

You may find that a Macbook does not have the best hard drive, especially when it comes to available storage space. People who are in the habit of hoarding files will require adjusting time.

On the other hand, if you find that there are fewer gigabytes left every time you boot the Mac, something is certainly wrong. It might be time to take some action and start freeing up the disk space. Here are some tips to help with that.

#1 – Delete Unnecessary Applications

It is easy to remove apps on a Macbook. You just need to select the icon and drag it into the trash bin. Though remember to empty out the trash. Otherwise, you will only change the location of an application, not remove it from the computer.

As for what applications you can get rid of, the answer varies from person to person. Overall, though, applications that you have not used for a while should be taken into consideration. There is no reason to keep something if you do not need it and are looking to make more drive space. After all, you can always download and install an application again.

#2 – Scan for Potential Malware

online security mac

Some malware and viruses are known to consume drive space. You may find it surprising that there is less storage available every day when you are not making any changes.

If you notice anything unusual, do not hesitate and scan the system with an antivirus. Any corrupted files should be removed immediately. And if you experience the same problem often, it means that you need to get a better antivirus that will find and eliminate threats right away.

Also, be more careful when you are using the internet. Avoid shady websites and links that are sent your way. Install an ad blocker, so you are not redirected to landing pages that are full of cybersecurity threats.

#3 – Get Rid of Language Packs

Some applications come with useless language packs. There are hardly any instances when you need anything other than the English version. So ask yourself whether keeping large files for 50 or so other languages is worth it. The answer is probably no.

#4 – Purchase External Storage Devices

usb drives mac

External storage devices are great if you have larger files that you still want to keep hold of. Disks, USB memory sticks, and even external hard drives will accommodate your needs. Transferring files to such devices will free up Macbook’s storage significantly.

#5 – Remove Temporary Junk Data

Temporary junk data like caches, app extensions, and plugins are not something you can notice like other files on the computer. This kind of data can only be accessed by changing system settings. It is another feature of the OS.

As for removing it, the whole process is pretty tricky. You will need to create backups as there are risks of deleting something accidentally.

Of course, there is a simpler solution. Getting a cleanup utility tool would eliminate a lot of problems because such software removes unnecessary junk files automatically. If you are creating a regular maintenance routine, investing in a cleanup software is worth it.

#6 – Subscribe to Streaming Services

netflix macbook

Instead of keeping media files on the Macbook, why not subscribe to streaming platforms? There are plenty of services that have your entertainment on the go. You can access it with just a few clicks.

Using streaming platforms more often will mean that you do not have to keep music, movies, or TV series files on your Mac. After all, media files are pretty large.

#7 – Transfer Files to Clouds

Similar to external storage devices, cloud services like Dropbox and iCloud could also do wonders for freeing up disk space. And the best part is that you do not have to pay for a basic plan. The data will be in a safe place.

If you are happy and want to get more cloud storage, there are options to upgrade the plan by spending some money.

#8 – Check Downloads and Email Attachments

Downloads and email attachments are those types of files that accumulate without you realizing that it happened. While the individual files are not that large, usually, if you have a lot of them, they will take up a sizable part of the hard drive.

Keep closer tabs on both email and download folders and remove the files from them regularly. This way, you will have more available storage on the Macbook.

#9 – Reinstall the Operating System

When you feel like nothing is working in your favor, you still have the option to reinstall the OS. The process is a bit complicated, especially for the first-timers. Nevertheless, you should be able to find step-by-step guides online and do everything the right way. Though remember that all the data gets wiped from the computer, so back up what you want to keep before proceeding with the reinstallation.


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