How To Fix Slow Charging Problem on LG G3

How to fix LG G3 not charging or slow charging problem. A lot of users are noticing that their phones are not charging at all or are charging very slowly. They are reporting that when they put their LG G3 to charge, the battery percentage moves very slowly and sometimes it doesn’t move at all.

This is happening on a lot of LG G3 units because there have been reports from all over the world on different carriers and batches. There a few things that can cause slow charging problem on your LG G3. Here are the most common ones and how to fix them.

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1. Broken charger

The most common reason is a broken charger. The stock charger that comes with the LG G3 is not very strong and resistant. Even if you apply the slightest force over the charging cable, you can break it. It can be not damaged from the outside but the small wires inside can break very easily

2. Damaged charging port

Not only the charging cable but even the charging port can get damaged. If you charge your LG G3 a lot and aren’t very careful, you can break the small pins inside the charging port. Those little pins can get damaged if you move the head of the charging cable a lot.

3. Active applications

See if there are any active applications on the background. Active applications can use a lot of battery life even though you are not using them. Simply open Recent Apps menu and remove all the apps.

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4. Using phone while charging

It is recommended not to use your LG G3 while charging. Because the phone has a huge QHD 5.5″ display, the battery will drain more than the amount of juice the charger is able to produce.


  1. Bad cable – I started getting these messages 3 months after I purchased the phone, I went out an bought a new charger (original LG G3) and the problem did not go away, after reading this web page I tried replacing just the cable and TADA it is working fine

  2. The G3 is the most intriguing Android flagship LG has ever offered, slotting perfectly into the space between the Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 and ensuring that the company’s days as a punchline are most definitely behind it.


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