Fix Pokemon Go “Failed to detect location & GPS signal not found” on Android

Pokémon Go is currently the most popular game in the planet, breaking every record set from other apps on the Play Store and App Store. The fact that the game was restricted to a few regions not only didn’t harm, but if anything, helped making the game more popular as more users get curious about it.

The company behind the app is gradually releasing the game to other countries where the game is currently blocked. If you can’t wait until the game appears on your Play Store, then you can download the Pokemon Go APK file and install the game without waiting for an official release in your country.

pokemon go gps signal not found

But, even if you manage to install the game, there are instances where the games shows the following error “Failed to detect location”. On many other games, this wouldn’t be a big problem because basically no one uses GPS nowadays. However, Pokémon Go is heavily depended on GPS, so if the phone is unable to use the GPS, you essentially cannot play the game. If you have received this error, there are a couple of solutions that you might follow.

How To Fix Pokémon Go Failed To Detect Location Error

  • Firstly, you should check if GPS on your phone is enabled or not. We know this is obvious but there are times when your phone’s GPS might be off for some reason. If it is on, then turn it off and then on again. pokemon go failed to detect location
  • If GPS is enabled, make sure that ‘locating method’ is set to GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks instead of GPS only. pokemon go failed to detect location fix
  • If you are on Android and not iOS, go to Settings > About Phone and tap on Build Number seven times. This will enable Developer Options. Go back to Developer Options and make sure that Mock Location is disabled. fix pokemon go failed to detect location

These are a few tips and tricks on how to fix the annoying Pokemon Go “Failed to detect location” error. Happy Pokemon hunting!


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