How To Fix LineageOS “Status 7 Installation Aborted” Error While Flashing

LineageOS is a new custom ROM maker which provides ROMs based on the latest version of Android for a plethora of devices. It is the most popular ROM series ever since CyanogenMod announced their plans of stopping making ROMs.

LineageOS is one of the most popular custom ROMs that every Android user should install on their phones. The latest version of LineageOS with version 14.1 is based on Android 7.1 Nougat. It is a great way for users to get rid of the bloated firmwares their phones come with, and enjoy the pure Nexus or Pixel experience.

Besides offering a stock Android experience, LineageOS has features and options which allow ROM users to customize their devices just like they wan, so you get a highly customizable stock Android phone.

While it is a great ROM, a few users seem to be having problems while trying to install it. Some users on various Android and LineageOS forums have reported issues with their phones. When they attempt to flash LineageOS, they get the following error “Status 7. Installation aborted” and then the installation stops.

This is an annoying issue because you can’t use your phone until you install the ROM. If you are one of those users who is getting the Status 7 error, do not fear. This is a common issue when installing custom ROMs, and it is not limited to LineageOS only.

How To Fix LineageOS Status 7 Installation Aborted Error

There are various reasons why you might be getting this error on your phone. It might be related to the ROM file you have downloaded or with your custom recovery. Below you can find some of the possible causes.

Wrong ROM file: 

When you go to LineageOS’s download page, you have a full list of supported phones that you can choose from. That is all right and good, until you download the wrong ROM file, designed for another phone. This might happen because besides the phone model, there are different variants of that same phone. For example, a phone might come in two variants with different chipsets.

You always need to double-check the model number displayed on the download page with your phone’s own model number. If you flash a custom ROM designed for another phone variant, you can end up bricking you phone.

Outdated custom recovery: 

LineageOS 14.1 is the latest version of the ROM and is based on 7.1 Nougat, which is also the latest version of Android. With that being said, each new version of Android has files and programs that older versions do not have.

To support the new files during the installation process, developers have to constantly update their custom recoveries. For example, TWRP receives frequent updates to support the majority of custom ROMs and the latest versions of Android.

So, if you are getting the “Status 7. Installation aborted” error, there might be a good chance that your recovery is of an older version. Make sure to download and install the latest version of your recovery for a bug-free installation process.

Outdated bootloader:

Sometimes users attempt to jump from a very old Android version to a new one, which most of the times means a lot of trouble. You can’t just simply go from an old Android version to a new one without making some


Your phone’s bootloader is very important and you must install one which supports Nougat-based custom ROMs, otherwise you won’t be able to flash LineageOS.

Dirty flashing: 

While it is a less common one, dirty flashing might be one of the reasons causing the issue. When you go from an old ROM to a new one, it is always recommended to make a clean install, which means you have to wipe data, perform a factory reset and wipe cache.

This means that all the apps on your phone are deleted. That is why users don’t prefer this method and instead flash a new ROM without wiping data. If you are one of those users, try a clean install if the other methods have not worked.

These were some of the most common reasons of the “Status 7. Installation aborted” while trying to flash LineageOS ROM on your phone. If you have any other suggestions or solutions, don’t hesitate to update us by leaving a comment below.


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