How To Fix Galaxy S7 Moisture Detected Error To Start Charging Again

If you have tried charging your Samsung Galaxy S7 after submerging it in water, you might have gotten the following warning “Moisture Detected”, with the phone failing to charge. If it has happened to you, and it probably has since you searched for this problem, do not worry. It is not a bug or a real ‘problem’. It is a software feature implemented by Samsung.

Unlike the Galaxy S5 which protected the charging port with a rubber cover, the Galaxy S7 has no outer protection. The phone is sealed from the inside which means when submerged, the water does go into the charging port. It just doesn’t go any further into the phone’s internal components.

Why and when does it show “Moisture Detected”?

Now, if you have just come from a swimming session with your phone, you won’t be able to charge it. The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge have a kill switch which disables the charging capability if there is any water or moisture inside the charging port. Because if there is anything inside the port and you attempt to charge the phone, it might short out and completely destroy the phone. That is why Samsung has implemented this feature. Every time there is water or something else inside the charging port, the warning “Moisture Detected” error will show up to prevent your phone from getting destroyed.

How to fix this error?

As you saw above, the reason why this error shows up is because of moisture inside the charging port. If the phone is wet, wipe it with a clean cloth and then shake it with the charging port facing the ground to remove any excess water.

Then, take your hair dryer and dry the phone for a couple of minutes. Keep checking your phone because it shouldn’t get too hot. Then, take a small piece of cloth and try wiping any possible water or moisture left. Then reboot your phone and you should be able to charge your phone without any problems. This is one of the most common ways to fix the “Moisture detected inside the charging port” error on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge.


  1. This was very helpful. I went to the swimming pool, so I decided to record a little video. I did not even shake water from my phone after 3 minutes under water. I went back home, and tried to charge my phone, three hours after the swimming. The moisture alert started annoying me and my battery even died. I still plugged my dead phone and it gave a battery sign, so I left it charging and went to bed. I the morning the battery was charged, and then I turned my phone on, but the moisture error was still there. Then I read your post and managed to find a piece of wool and tried what you said, and I got rid of the moisture alert. The moisture alert is annoying especially when you are running out of battery charge. I just wonder how my phone charged when it was dead?

  2. i was taking photos in a very humid on and off rainy place. After a few days, my phone gave the moisture message. Days later, shaking, wiping, hair dryers, different cords… still can’t use the charging port. Does anyone know HOW LONG this lasts? Does it EVER dry up and go away? I’m wireless charging for now, but that won’t work forever… Sigh.

  3. I just hit the same problem. The phone would complain about the moisture in the USB port, but the phone was never wet. I went to the Sprint store, they tested the phone with wireless charger which worked. So I assumed that there is something in the USB port that holds moisture. I got a wooden toothpick and cleaned the port. Right after I did this, my phone started charging.

  4. A blow dryer can damage the phone unless it can work in fan-only mode (no heat). Better is to spray the port with a can of compressed air.

  5. Keep reading the same fixes…my phone has never been wet! I dry cleaned,(no moisture) the port carefully with toothpick and tweezers. Phone started charging again..for about 2 days! I keep having to “clean” my port every couple of days! Did the reset and all of the other crap. Convinced Samsung phones just plain suck!


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