Encrypt SMS Messages & Make Them Secure on Android With SMS Encryption

Believe it or not, many users still send and receive messages using the stock SMS app. These past years, smartphones have become a very important part of our lives. We don’t use them only to make calls but also to complete other tasks.

Taking a photo, video calling your friend, talking for business, sending emails and more can all be done using a smartphone. There is no need to use a computer. Since today’s devices are so powerful and full of features, users usually forget the basic features of a phone, calling and sending messages.

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People use various applications to send messages. They can use popular social media apps like Facebook and Twitter or even third-party messaging apps like WhatsApp. People use these type of apps because they are easier and faster to use. And you know when the person has read the message.

sms encryption android

But there are still people who use the stock SMS app. There is one thing that all people fear: privacy. There are many people online who have only bad intentions. All they want is to steal information, data and accounts. The best way to do so is by breaking into your messages and get important info.

Everything is about security today. You never feel safe until you have taken the required precautions to prevent any possible cases. If you use SMS messages, you need to take some precautions to send messages and feel safe. The best way to make your phone more secure is by encrypting all the text messages that you receive. You have probably heard about encrypted data. Encrypted information turns into random numbers and letters and no one is able to read them without the decryption key.

SMS Encryption app does exactly this! It can be used to receive and send encrypted messages. It uses the strong and secure AES algorithm for encryption so you know that your information will be safe. The app has a user friendly interface which anyone can use easily.

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You send the encrypted message and your friend has to have the key to read it. The same goes to when you get a message. You also need the key to read all the messages. There are a few limitations to the app like not being able to use MMS, encrypted messages are bigger and size and you cannot delete sent messages.

If you are worried about your messages, go to ahead and download SMS Encryption from the Play Store and make your private life more secure.


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