Enable M8 Oncreen Buttons On The HTC One M7

How to enable M8 onscreen navigation buttons (softkeys) on the HTC One M7? The M7 has hardware capacitive buttons unlike its successor which has totally onscreen keys. Having onscreen buttons is better than having capacitive ones because you can totally customize them such as position and layout.

The M7 has always had a weird button placement. It has a home  key on the right, a back key on the left and the HTC logo on the middle. There is no menu or multitasking key available. That is another reason why having softkeys is good. If you don’t like the current button placements, you can easily change them.


If you too don’t like the placement, you can easily enable the softkeys. To do so, there are only two requirements: The first one is to be rooted and the second one is to have a special file manager that has capabilities to edit system files (Root Explorer).

Open the file manager, go to System and open a file called build.prop. There you must add the line below:


In order to be able to edit the build.prop file, tap and hold the file and choose “Open in text editor”. After you have added the line, save the file and reboot your phone. After it has been fully booted, the onscreen buttons should be there,


  1. Thanks for the tip, it worked for me. But how can I disable the hardware buttons, if you have any idea, please?

    • There is a code responsible for that but you should ask at XDA-Developers forum. You will get an answer there.


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