A custom kernel is a must have for your Nexus 5, especially if you like to overclock your phone a lot. ElementalX is one of the best kernels for the Nexus 5. This kernel is stable, full featured and it is the only one that allows you to have complete control of individual CPU cores and their frequencies.

Also, bus bandwidth and L2 cache overclocking options are available. You can also charge your Nexus 5 faster through USB thanks to USB fast charge. So, all in all,  ElementalX is a perfect kernel for everyone who wants a fast device with many options and features.


How To Install ElementalX Kernel?
To install this kernel, first of all download it here.

1. Boot your phone into recovery mode.
2. Find the Zip file you downloaded and select “Install”
3. Follow the instructions and finish the installation process.
4. Reboot your phone.
5. That’s it.

Once you install it, there’s nothing you should do more. However, if you really want to overclock and change different settings on your phone, then you shoud download applications like Kernel Tuner or TricksterMod from Play Store. Enjoy.

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