Easily Edit Nexus 5 Kernel Settings with Architect Edition

When you flash a custom kernel or even a stock one on your Nexus 5, you have the ability to change and modify different options of your phone. You can change settings like the CPU frequency, voltage and governors in order to make it faster, more responsive or you just want to take it to the limits by overclocking at a high frequency.

However, a special app is required to do these modifications. An app can be a great start if you don’t know much about Android as it offers basic options like overclocking and changing the voltage. But if you want to go further and modify schedulers and select different governors, Mods are a better choice.

For the Nexus 5, the best one is Architect_Edition Mod. This mod allows you to modify almost eveything that a kernel is capable of. You can change the frequency, voltage, governors and schedulers. To install this mod, download it and flash it through Recovery Mode.

Now reboot your Nexus 5 and open Android Terminal Emulator. There, type SU and press enter. Then, to activate this Mod, type Architect and press enter again. Now simply type what you want to edit and press Ok.

If you want to change governors, type “Governors” and a list with all the supported ones will appear. Then just write the name of the governor you want to activate. That’s it. If you want to change frequencies and schedulers, you should the same thing, just change the name.


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