Easily Disable and Delete Bloatware on Galaxy Note 4

When you grab a Galaxy Note 4 and use it for the first time, you will notice the amount of applications that it comes with. No, they are not user downloaded apps. They come as pre-installed system applications which are often called as bloatware.

Most of these apps are from Samsung which are used for various features which are also called “gimmicks” most of the times. It is not a bad thing to have so many applications you might think. At the end, you put all your favorite apps on the front page and group them together in a folder so you don’t have to spend hours finding the app in the app drawer.

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But, there is something that these apps do. They use precious memory space and use a lot of battery life. Only one bloatware app can vary from 50 MB to 100 MB in size. Then think that there are around 5-15 other similar applications which take 1 GB to 2 GB of memory space.

It is a known problem now that Samsung Galaxy devices suffer from low space problems. A 16 GB Samsung smartphone has only 10 GB of usable memory because the rest is taken by bloatware and software features.

If that would be the only problem, that would be a great news. But these bloatware apps on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 not only use a lot of space but also spend a lot of battery juice.

Even though you rarely use them, they run on the background, draining the battery and sometimes causing problems like freezing and overheating.

Disable bloatware on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  1. Go to the home screen and tap on the dotted icon at the bottom right to go the app drawer.
  2. From there, tap the three dots at op right to open the menu.
  3. There are a few options but you should choose “Uninstall/Disable apps”
  4. All applications will have a minus sign.
  5. Select the application you want and tap on “Disable”.

This method will prevent apps from running on the background, saving battery life. But they still use memory space.

Uninstall bloatware on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  1. Download Root Uninstaller from the Play Store. This requires root access. Follow the tutorial about how to root Galaxy Note 4.
  2.  Open the app and select the application you want to delete.
  3. Tap on “Uninstall”.

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This will completely remove the application from the phone. This way, you save battery and also precious memory space.


  1. It is terrible that the firsy result in Google for removing bloatware from the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is this article, which gies incorrect advice. Choosing disable/uninstall apps DOES NOT out a minus sign on all apps. In fact, it gives minus signs to apps I installed but not for bloatware. In other words, the advice in this article is beyond useless because it wastes people’s time with one more failed solution.

    Is your article really saying that the only solution is to root the phone? Then why not just say that? Why lead us down all these paths that will not solve the problem? This is as bad as Microsoft or Google help forums where others just rell us to reinstall Windows or whatever, knowing it will not actually fix the problem.


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