Dual Boot Touchwiz and CyanogenMod on Galaxy Note 3 (Custom ROMs)

How to dual boot CyanogenMod and Touchwiz custom ROMs at the same time on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Dual booting is a great idea when you want to try many custom ROMs but you are tired of formating and factory resetting your phone every time you install a new ROM.

That’s why dual booting is good for. You can  enjoy a stock Touchwiz firmware and if you get bored of it after a few days, you can easily switch to CyanogenMod without having to delete your data. Follow the guide below to learn how to dual boot on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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– Touchwiz based ROM (flashable zip)

– CyanogenMod ROM

– Safestrap (link)

– Root Access


Once you have downloaded and gathered all the required files, you need to put them all in a MicroSD (memory card) because you need to factory reset your internal memory once. Once your Micro SD card is ready, the guide to dual boot on your Note 3 is very simple.

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You need to install safestrap, boot into safestrap and perform a full backup of your current ROM. Then you need to restore it on the first slot of the phone and then install the second ROM on the second slot. Go here for the full guide on how dual boot your Galaxy Note 3.



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