“Dreams”, A short film about Samsung Galaxy Note 3

“Dreams”. This is the latest video that Samsung has released about Galaxy Note 3 and tells us what a masterpiece can be created with this device. The video talks about a girl who tries to save her grandfather’s shop.By using just her Galaxy Note 3 and her Galaxy Gear, she succeeds to change Anie Lennox’s play, “Sweet Dreams” into a modern take. 

Follow her journey through dances and using features like Smart Relay, Quick Magazine and Quick Memo to create the masterpiece.

The Galaxy Gear is also a nice add on, because it notifies you about the latest notifications you may have like missed calls and messages. The best part is that you can view these notifications straight through your Smart Watch,  without needing to take out the Galaxy Note 3 from your pocket.

That is indeed a real masterpiece.


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