Download Xperia Z3 X-Reality & Vivid Display Modes

Download and install Sony Xperia Z3 X-Reality and Vivid display mode on your Xperia device. Since the system dump of the Xperia Z3 got released, tons of features and applications are being released and ported for other Android phones.

The latest port are two display modes: X-Reality and Vivid. These modes greatly enhance screen and display quality. They improve the viewing quality and makes photos clearer, sharper and better than the original ones.

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These modes are already available on other Xperia devices like the Z2 but those found on the Z3 are better because the photos are clearer and noticeably more colorful and vivid. The good news is that if you have an Xperia device, you can easily install them.

xperia z3 x reality vivid ported

How to install Xperia Z3 Vivid and X-Reality

1. Download ported Xperia Z3 X-Reality.

2. Turn your phone off and enter Recovery.

3. Flash the zip file and wipe cache.

4. Reboot your phone.

5. Activate X-Reality screen mode from the Settings.

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You have successfully installed the new screen mode on your Xperia device. This works on all Xperia devices with Jelly Bean and KitKat. You can easily turn it on and off from the Settings menu.



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