Download TWRP 3.5.1 Custom Recovery for Android Devices And How To Install

The team behind TWRP has released version 3.5.1 (3.0.0-0) of the popular custom recovery for Android devices. TWRP is the most popular recovery when it comes to flashing custom ROMs, kernels, and mods. It is the to-go custom recovery for everyone who wants to customize their Android device.

The latest version of the recovery was 3.4.0 before being replaced with version 3.5.0. There are two variants of the new TWRP update: 3.5.0_9 and 3.5.0_10. Version 3.5.0_9-0 is for devices built in the android-9 tree while version 3.5.0_10 is for devices build in the android-10 tree.

What is new on TWRP 3.5.1

Version 3.5.0 of TWRP is the first release in a long time since version 3.4.0 has been around for quite a while now. From now on, there will be two types of builds. For devices released with Android 9.0 Pie and earlier, they will be built on the android-9 branch, while devices released with Android 10, will be built on the android-10 branch.

The full TWRP 3.5.1 changelog is quite long and detailed. One of the biggest changes is the added support for flashing both slots when flashing an image, and the support of the new Magisk APK. There is also Ozip decryption, OEM build fixes,  cache fixes, FDE encryption fixes, theme updates to match the Android 10 release, updated Russian translation and more.

If your phone is maintained, there should be a new version on the download page, including new builds for most manufacturers such as Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Pixel and more.

How To Install TWRP 3.5.1 on Android devices

The installation process changes for different Android phones. If you have an older version of TWRP or any other recovery, you can flash the new version and it will overwrite it. If you have root you can use the TWRP Manager app from the Play Store to install the recovery. Alternatively, you can install the .img file where every phone has a different installation process.

Download TWRP Custom Recovery

Go to the download link above, select your phone and download the right version of TWRP.  Each phone has its own installation tutorials. Always make sure to follow the guidelines correctly before flashing anything.


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