The Nexus 4 has stock Android launcher and experience which is known to be fast and smooth. Even though stock Google launcher is fast, it is very simple and doesn’t have many features. ┬áThe user interface is simple and the colors are pale especially now that KitKat is only white and black.

Good news is that you aren’t obligated to stay with the same launcher forever. You can easily change it and install something else. This time, Touchwiz launcher, weather widget, icons and theme have been ported to the Nexus 4.


First of all, to install the applications on your Nexus 4 you need to flash a CyanogenMod 11 ROM. Then, download the launcher and the theme and flash them through Recovery Mode. Then, as always with CyanogenMod ROMs, flash GAPPS for Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

The launcher is very stable and can be used daily. It doesn’t have any known major bugs and has been fast during the test period. Download Touchwiz launcher and theme here.

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